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ANS. FASKET is an amazing website that allows you to order online your favourite dish at your fingertips without any inflation in prices that too without compromising the quality and speciality of the dish. It is the quickest, most interactive and cash-friendliest website which host a colourful blend of cuisines all over Varanasi. Placing an order is a few-clicks procedure. Select the delivery zone, subzone, click from the given list of eateries in that zone, choose your favourite dishes given in the online menus, select the payment mode and simply checkout to place an order. You are also given the freedom to choose delivery time and change the receiving mode from cash-on-delivery to pick-up.
ANS. Either you can pay on delivery or you can pick up your order by yourself and pay to the respective restaurant. One thing to be made crystal-clear, FASKET does not charge any money in terms of service-tax, monthly charges etc. etc. You only PAY for what you have ordered and that would cost you the same when sit in the restaurant and order. This is the speciality of our website, it is totally FREE plus you get to view numerous useful customer reviews and ratings of various dishes, all for no money.
ANS. We have organised our procedural structure to place an order as a very easy task of a few clicks. Go to the sign-up page, fill the form with correct information and you are ready to order!! To support the offline users we have arranged the telephonic facility for their benefits. You can simply call us @ +91 83 54 888 555 to place an order.
ANS. FASKET follows shopping-cart system wherein you add items of your interest to the basket and simply checkout once you have completed adding the items. Make sure your order exceeds the Restaurantís minimum delivery amount. Yes, we have Advance booking system. Please select the suitable time and further details of the advanced order from the drop-down menu and add details.
ANS. Customer satisfaction and their reviews are of utmost importance to us. We strive hard not to give any bad experience to our customers with the listed Restaurants. We sincerely motivate and appreciate your humble feedback. For this cause, we have arranged an e-mail id and a phone number. You can contact us at, or on +91 83 54 888 555 between 06:00 pm to 10:00 pm, six days a week. Your service is our duty.
Ordering food on costs you the same, if not less, than ordering directly from the Eateries*. Additionally, with, you can avail numerous special offers and discounts from Eateries that they only offer to customers.
Through COD (cash on delivery)
Ordering food online on is faster, easier, and more cost-effective than ordering on the phone. You no longer have to eyeglass numerous paper menus that become outdated quickly, keep hearing busy tones from your favourite Eateries, keep trying when no one picks up the phone or shout out your order over the noise in the outlet. Since the order is in writing, chances of errors are minimized. You also become eligible for reward points and exclusive special offers from our wide choice of the best local Eateries.
Fee? What's that? None at all, it's absolutely free! You only pay only what the Eatery charges for the food and delivery, which is the same (if not less) as what they would charge if you ordered through them directly. There are NO hidden fees, and NO monthly charges. It costs nothing to sign up, find out which Eateries deliver to you and benefit from the hundreds of user reviews
No. Ordering food on costs you the same, if not less, than ordering directly from the Eateries*. Additionally, with, you can avail numerous special offers and discounts from Eateries that they only offer to customers.

You do not need to sign-up on to browse through Eateries and see their menus or features. However, to place an order, you need to sign-up to enable us to provide quality service and maintain a secure platform. We need some details from you to confirm your order and keep you posted such as your contact information. This will help us track your order and in turn relay the information to you. With quality service we also try to make things simple for you.
Signing-up is a simple, quick & one-time process. Just fill up the short SIGN UP form with your valid information and you're ready to go. That's it. Start ordering now on! We told you things are simple here.
No, this is one of the advantages of signing up with Every time you login to order, your saved details will automatically show up in the checkout page. Just select from your saved addresses START making your order.
Yes, you can place orders over the phone on +91 83 54 888 555 between 06:00pm and 10:00pm, in case of urgencies.
Yes. To place orders from any Eatery on the network, you just need to remember one number +91 83 54 888 555. Call us between 06:00pm-09:00pm. Your call will be entertained in case of extreme urgency.
You can place orders for food to be delivered immediately, in which case the Eateries will deliver them as soon as they can or however much in advance as you need to. To place orders for immediate delivery, on the Home Page select ?Now? from the drop-down near ?When would you like your food?? On the results page, you will be able to see the estimated delivery times for all the Eateries. To place advance orders, please select the relevant time on the Home Page from the drop-down near "When would you like your food?"
Yes. To place advance orders, please select the relevant time on the Home Page from the drop-down near "When would you like your food?"
Yes! You can order from multiple Restaurants in one order as long as your order from each Restaurant is above the Restaurant's required minimum delivery amount. To order from multiple Restaurants, add items to your basket from the relevant menus and click checkout once you have added all the items you want.
If you lose internet connection before you checkout your order, your order will not go through. The best way to confirm whether your order has gone through is to check your email account for a confirmation email. If you have not received the confirmation email, chances are your order did not go through. For any further questions regarding your order, you may contact us on +91 83 54 888 555 between 06:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
No. You are supposed to pay for your orders with cash on delivery.
The Restaurants on our network directly deliver the food themselves to your doorstep.
Placing an order via is the fastest and most reliable method of ordering from a Restaurant. After you have confirmed (checked out) your order, immediately, electronically transmits your order to the Restaurants via an advanced and reliable electronic system. Just enjoy your meal, leave the rest to us. requires minimum delivery amount of Rs 200/-
We try our best to give prompt service however the time frame WILL vary depending on the policy of the Restaurant. You should see an estimated delivery time in the Restaurant listing page. During poor weather or traffic situations it may take longer than usual. BUT WE WILL GET THERE! You can always get in touch with directly to inquire about the status of your order.
Orders once placed cannot be cancelled or changed as they are immediately transmitted to the Restaurant for preparation. In extreme situations, you can get in touch with Representatives on +91 83 54 888 555.
Before you check out, in your order basket on the top right of the screen, you should be able to view your order. Clicking the edit or delete button will allow you to change your order. Use edit to alter the item and delete to completely remove the item from the basket.
For any issues you may face, you can contact on +91 83 54 888 555 between 06:00 PM- 09:00 PM, seven days a week. For orders placed outside these hours, the best contact for any issues is the Restaurant directly. You will receive their contact details in your confirmation email.
When you submit an order to, it is automatically electronically transmitted to the Restaurant. You will simultaneously receive a confirmation email. If, at the time of confirmation, the Restaurant informs that they have a problem fulfilling your order for reasons such as item not available, lack of staff, etc we will inform you by phone on the number you provide. However, if we are unable to reach you by phone, we will inform you via email.
Check any spam or junk folders on your email. If you have not received an email confirmation, chances are that your order did not go through. Please Contact us on +91 83 54 888 555 to confirm your order status and ensure that your email address is correct in our system.
When you place an order on, you receive an email confirming the order. In addition, the Recent Orders section under "My Profile" has details of all your previous orders.
Only the part of your personal information that is required to complete your order such as your address, phone number, etc. is sent to the Restaurants that you order from to help them deliver your order accurately. uses your email address to send communications relating to your account as well as your order confirmations, updates on special offers/ discounts and any such information that benefits you.
No. does not sell your cell phone numbers to third parties.
On, you only view a list of Restaurants that deliver to the area, zone and/or sub-zone you enter in the search box. If you are unable to view a particular Restaurant, it may primarily be because that Restaurant does not deliver to your address or is not in the pick-up location you selected. If you are unable to view a Restaurant that you have previously ordered from at the same address, it could be because we sometimes temporarily remove listings from our website for reasons such as significant menu updates or renovations. If you would like to know more, please contact us at is a demand-driven network of the best delivery and pick-up foodspots in an area. We realize that you know your locality a lot better than we do, so if you have any suggestions for us in terms of which Restaurants you would like to order from, please let us know at and we will definitely try our best to bring them to your doorstep. We are counting on you! Infact, to speed up the process of adding your favourite Restaurants to our network, it would be great if you could suggest to the manager there that you would love to order from them through
No. is only able to accept orders for food from Restaurants on our network. If a Restaurant you would like to order from is not on our network, please inform us at so that we can add them.
Please tell us about it at! We love to hear from you. You can also tell the manager at the Restaurant that you would love to be able to order from them on
You mean a lot to us. At, we strive to maintain your satisfaction with the Restaurants on our network. For any complaints, please contact us at, or on +91 83 54 888 555 between 06:00 pm to 10:00 pm, six days a week. If an issue is not brought to our attention, we will be unable to resolve it. We sincerely appreciate your feedback.
All your past orders can be accessed through the Recent Orders link under the My Account section. You can even filter by a date range. To repeat that perfect order, simply click Re-order, as you would tell the steward if you were at the Restaurant.
Yes, You may save multiple addresses under one account. In this case, please specify the address where you want the food delivered.
To update a new address, click on My Profile and go to Saved Addresses. Click on Add a New Address which is below My Saved Addresses. After you fill in the details click on SUBMIT. To Edit a Saved Address, click the Edit button How do I update my profile? My e-mail address/ phone numbers have changed. How do I update it? After you have logged into your account, click on My Account under My Profile where you can update your personal information like your name, nickname, password, phone/mobile no. birthday, email address and also your picture. After you are done click on SAVE CHANGES.
No. You cannot gift a meal the same way as ordering online.
If a Restaurant is closed right now, and you just want to see its menu, please select a delivery time during which the Restaurant is open. You can see the hours of operation of a Restaurant on the rollover on its name in the Restaurant listing page.
Our office is located at IIT (BHU) Varanasi.
Interactions: Reviews And Ratings
On, you can review and rate foodspots and see what other customers think of them.
User ratings collate the feedback of other users for the Restaurant. User ratings are on a scale on 1 star to 5 stars, 5 stars symbolizing the highest rating. User ratings help you judge customers' opinions about Restaurants.
The user rating you see for a Restaurant is the average of all the ratings given to the Restaurant to date by other users. If you have a view about a particular item or Restaurant, be sure to give us your opinion and rate it. Rest assured, your point of view will reflect in the overall rating. Your views will only help us and the Restaurants improve our services.
To rate a Restaurant, either click on the stars near the Restaurant listing or click on the link "Review/ Rate this Restaurant" on the Restaurant's page. You need to be logged in to rate a Restaurant.
If you are logged in, you can write reviews for Restaurants by clicking on the Review/ Rate this Restaurant link on the Restaurant's page. Reviews posted on will only be published if they comply with's review policy.
Reviews posted on will only be published if they comply with's review policy.
Through, you can give feedback on your orders in two different ways once you are logged in to your account: review and rate Restaurants. We appreciate any feedback you may have and try our best to use it to improve our service.