This Privacy Policy section clearly describes and governs about any collection and usage of personally identifiable information collected when people view this website. We also collect personal information of the users when they complete any customer survey or when they avail any other services limited to this website. Website usage information are generally collected and stored using cookies (small text files stored in your computer by website owners just for the sake of extracting user information).


Cookies are small fragments of data information placed on userís hard-drive while they are browsing the website. Generally, we can utilize a short-lived form of cookie for unknown but authentic reasons from the moment when you use this website. At FASKET, a cookie is only used for differentiation of one unique visitor from other visitors during a particular session (it is the active period of site-usage when that unique visitor is linked to a server). We use cookie-technology during a session as a means to execute your input information during the enrolment process. For preserving the security and personal privacy of the user, cookies are immediately deleted or expired when the user ends up the session.


The Information that we gather about user is used in processing of your orders or to email you about the different related products/services that may interest you or just for the credit reference.


As a right, any user interested in knowing information that we store, can definitely request for a copy of the same or you can contact us at our e-mail address for further queries and doubts.

NOTE ó This website may contain links to the other websites too. The above mentioned privacy policies refer to the website only and contains no other websiteís private information and policies.